Logisplan - Route and Fleet Planner and Optimizer

Product description

LOGISPLAN  is a route planner and optimizer software. It is oriented to transport and logistics. It is really useful both for companies with a small fleet of vehicles and for those with a large number of vehicles, with one or more supply points. LOGISPLAN calculates the optimal routes and loads for each vehicle in the fleet, providing the roadmap for each of them, based on:

  • The set of delivery services, depending on the sector, these can be orders, transfers, excursions, etc.
  • Available vehicles and their characteristics.
  • Times for the collection and delivery of services.
  • The different conditions to be taken into account during planning: type of vehicles, costs, transport rates, speeds, regulations, characteristics of resources and services, schedules, etc.
  • Characteristics of the company's own work (own or rented vehicles, schedules of own or autonomous drivers, type of vehicle, capacity and characteristics of each vehicle among others).

Integration with any ERP

 LOGISPLAN  it connects with any existing ERP, so data is captured automatically, therefore, there is no need to register vehicles or customers a second time in this application.

The data is simply captured, processed and later the results are dumped back into the client's ERP system.

Integration with GPS fleet management systems

 LOGISPLAN  can be integrated with fleet management systems. You can send the planning results to these systems for more efficient follow-up of routes. It also allows you to take advantage of the geolocation collected by these systems.

Another benefit that we can obtain from these systems is the real-time re-planning of emergencies. These GPS systems can confirm the completion of services and this allows LOGISPLAN know the situation in real time to be able to make changes to the service.

Real-time monitoring of planning through web / mobile applications

LOGISPLAN  incorporates a app, available from PC and mobile devices, which allows consulting and updating the planning status in real time. The Evolution Algorithms development team has the tools to adapt, configure and customize the app to the specific needs and functionalities of each client.


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Route planner and optimizer cost savings

 LOGISPLAN  It is not just a planner, it is a full-blown route optimizer, it needs absolutely no manual help. Once configured by our experts, it will automatically create the routes according to your needs.

The return on investment with LOGISPLAN  is guaranteed!Try it for free and without obligation!