Logisplan route optimization software

LOGISPLAN It is an intelligent computer software that allows automating the route planning process and, therefore, optimizing the fleet of available resources.

It optimally and globally solves the problem of planning, without the need for predetermined routes or manual assistance.

Both the system LOGISPLAN how its optimization engine has been fully developed and designed by the company Evolution Algorithms.

LOGISPLAN optimizes distribution based on one of the most promising lines of artificial intelligence, such as genetic algorithms.

It has been successfully implemented in different sectors Among which are the distribution of hydrocarbons, tourist transfers, regular and discretionary passenger transport, direct sales supplies or urban waste collection, among others.

LOGISPLAN automatically obtains the routes of each resource and / or the optimal loads of each vehicle in the fleet from the following input data:

  • The set of delivery services, collection, visits, fixed, regular or discretionary services, arrivals, departures, excursions or reservations to be made in a given period of time.
  • The characteristics and restrictions of the products to be delivered or collected.
  • The fleet of available resources with their starting bases and cargo capacities.
  • Time restrictions imposed by the company, clients or current regulations.
  • The different conditions to take into account during planning:
    • vehicle typology
    • costs
    • transportation fees
    • speeds
    • regulations, etc.
  • Hours of service.
  • Vacation periods.

Main features of the LOGISPLAN route planning software

  • Automatic location on the map of the collection, delivery or visit points from postal addresses or geo-coordinates.
  • Manual location on the mapping of points with wrong or unavailable addresses. In addition, the results are presented graphically on the map.
  • Multiple time slots associated with the client or service.
  • Waiting, loading and unloading times, as well as others that may affect the calculations of arrival times at destinations.
  • Preferred vehicles and drivers, not available or not admitted by a client.
  • Vehicle compartmentation and control of incompatibilities between products.
  • Technical requirements of the vehicle for each service.
  • Costs of the own fleet as well as rates of each carrier.
  • Parameterization through different weights of each of the optimization objectives, such as costs, kilometers, times, delays, etc.
  • Possibility of simulation and analysis of various scenarios: acquisition of vehicles, reorganization of areas, etc.
  • Integration with corporate systems already implemented in your company.
  • Planning reports and statistics.

Real-time monitoring of planning through web / mobile applications

LOGISPLAN  incorporates a app, available from PC and mobile devices, which allows you to check and update the planning status in real time. The Evolution Algorithms development team has the tools to adapt, configure and customize the app to the specific needs and functionalities of each client.

You can request a demo through our page Contact.

LOGISPLAN is a very powerful and versatile software that can be adapted to any situation, no matter the sector, to achieve optimal, efficient and automatic route planning.