At Evolution Algorithms we have always been clear that in order to grow it is necessary to surround ourselves with the best, for that reason, since our inception, we have maintained collaboration agreements and alliances both at a technological and commercial level with large companies. Below we present some of the partners with whom we have worked for the implementation of LOGISPLAN

These alliances allow us to keep the focus on our main activities and offer our clients the solutions that best meet their needs.


Logisplan partner Webfleet solutions

Webfleet solutions, formerly TomTom Works, is a company that provides fleet management systems.

It allows monitoring by means of GPS technology of the work carried out by a company's fleet.

LOGISPLAN connects with Webfleet to be able to react in real time to delays in the arrival of clients, to re-plan new services that may appear, etc.

Agrifood partner Logisplan

Agrifood Alternative Technologies is a company specialized in solutions for the agri-food sector.

LOGISPLAN is a tool that Agrifood provides to its clients to be able to plan the routes of animal feed manufacturing companies.

Logisplan partner AS Software

AS Software is a company specialized in warehouse automation, providing hardware for labeling, barcodes, vehicle loads, etc.

LOGISPLAN works with WMS tools to provide distribution routes and thus also be able to optimize the loading process from the warehouse. A perfect combination of SGA + TMS.

Indra logo

Indra is a leading company in technology development, as well as in the implementation of CRM, NAVISION, SAP systems, presence control, etc.

LOGISPLAN connects with their SAP systems to provide our clients with an integration that allows to read orders from SAP, plan them and return the results after the route optimization process.

Logisplan partner Ibermática

Ibermatica is another large company dedicated to the development of technology, also implementing management systems such as NAVISION.

LOGISPLAN it connects to the NAVISION solutions provided by this Ibermatica to be able to read the fleet of vehicles and the orders to be supplied and in this way to automate the entire process.